Re-purpose Advertising by Sponsoring a Community Project

Sponsor a community project feature article, get brand recognition and respect, and get the benefits of a taxable expenses!

💜 Do you want to promote your business but do it in a way that shows support for a community project close to your heart?

💜 Do you want to raise awareness about an awesome community group that could do with a bit more support?

💜 Would you rather re-purpose your advert and get the added benefit of elevating your business brand while still getting the tax benefit!

Whether you like to advertise or not, tax deductible sponsorship of community projects is a beautiful way to re-purpose taxable profits. Not only do you get to pay it forward and show your support of local activities you love, but you also get the added benefit of giving your brand and advertising a higher purpose.

Officially, it’s called “Shared Value”.

A big part of a business’s promotional problem lies with old methods of promotion. While these methods have a place in the world, businesses often remain trapped in an outdated, narrow approach to value creation, by just regular advertising.

This is where “shared value” through sponsorship steps in.

Companies could bring business and communities back together if they redefined their advertising purpose as creating “shared value”—generating their own promotional value in a way that also produces value for the community. A shared value approach reconnects business branding with social progress and news, which is a win-win for everyone!

So as a business owner, if you’ve wanted to elevate your presence in the community, contact us about sponsoring community content and having your brand by the community’s side.