Helping the community

for 10 years

Our magazine journey began 10 years ago with a 16 page monthly edition. Along that journey, we’ve met the most inspiring, exciting, down-to-earth and hardworking people. Our vision was to give local people a go-to platform to get local information, stay connected and spread good news. with bad news being rampant thanks to national and global media, we wanted to be a little different, by dedicating each page to the inspiring, the motivating, the creative, the funny and always local, and we quickly became known as the little mag, with a lot of heart.

In 2018 we became the first grassroots community magazine of its kind to be registered with the British Library.

In 2020, when covid almost brought the world to a standstill, we evolved our magazine into a 100-page annual edition and built the first community app in Felixstowe purely dedicated to local people and our beautiful town. 

And in 2023 we hit another exciting first, the first magazine in Felixstowe to with the Prestige Award for Community Magazine of the Year 2023/24.


"You've continued to pave a way in London & South East England to share quality, local news. On a grassroots level, your dedication to the community goes without saying, and with the addition of The Felixstowe App, you truly take local publishing to a new level... in volume! Congratulations from us all at the Prestige Awards."
Prestige Awards

Our story is made of all kinds of twists and turns, but our greatest joy has always been, and always will be, working side by side with the Felixstowe community. We love the soul of Felixstowe and look forward to many more years ahead publishing all its wonderful stories.

Mandeep Birdy
Owner & Chief Editor