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Lorna from Walton Parish Nursing

During this lockdown period the Walton Parish Nursing team have to work in a different way. Although this is not ideal, our main focus is to keep our clients, our volunteers and ourselves safe. In order to do this we took the decision to only have face to face contact if absolutely necessary and then to take the best precautionary measures we could to avoid spreading Covid-19.

For Lorna, as Parish Nurse, each day has brought its challenges and tasks including many phone calls, emails and texts. As the weeks have gone on the needs have increased, as predicted.

There are a core number of people that have a phone call every week, some less frequently and some will phone if there is a need. We give the clients time to talk to hopefully reduce their anxiety and loneliness.

There have been trips to the outpatient department at Ipswich hospital with clients, and several trips to the shops and GP surgeries to assist with medication and essentials.

Supporting very anxious clients with phone calls that would usually be a face to face consultation has been a privilege. For clients to give their consent and put their trust in our judgement and guidance is a humbling experience.  Other needs have been to organise the Government food parcel deliveries when unfortunately vulnerable clients have not received one.

For John, as he lives in Ipswich and also falls into the higher risk group this has meant keeping contact with clients via phone calls and text. As John is a mental health nurse many of his clients are finding this period especially challenging. However the good news is that they are showing amazing amounts of resilience, fortitude and courage. The importance of hearing the voice of another human being cannot be underestimated and many have told us how much they appreciate this. They have shared the struggles they are having but also the positive ways in which they are approaching this challenge. This ranges from learning new skills, investing more time in hobbies, relaxing in various ways and staying connected with others. One of the roles of being a Parish Nurse is that we are able to offer spiritual support to people and it has been a privilege to pray with people over the phone if they have wanted this.

It is widely acknowledged that there are five important strands to mental well-being:

  • Connect
  • Be active
  • Take notice of the world around you
  • Keep learning
  • Give

Many of our clients are doing these in different ways- why not try and incorporate them into your life.

There are loads of resources that you can access in order to look after your mental health. And these are a few I have found most helpful:

The Church of England website also has some great resources if you think this would be helpful to you.

Take care and keep safe

John and Lorna- Walton Parish Nursing

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Art, Music, Books & Theatre

142 Opens in June!



Dear fellow artists and art enthusiasts,

We hope this message finds you well, that your family is safe, and that recent months have been kind to you. We are pleased to announce the gallery will be reopening in June, with social distancing measures in place.

The 142 Team recently had a meeting (at a distance, photographic evidence above!) to discuss future plans for the gallery and spoke of our personal experiences during lockdown. 

Lockdown has allowed us to reflect on our artistic endeavours, connect with nature, to embrace a slower pace, cycle, create music, bake, and binge on boxsets! But jokes aside, we are all very grateful to the hard work, dedication and support from the NHS and all the key workers. Without them, these last few months would have been a lot tougher for us all.

Thank you to everyone who has played their part in social distancing, staying at home, following the government’s advice and staying safe. Together, we can get through this.

Reopening 142

As you will be aware, from mid-June, some retail units are allowed to reopen, as long as appropriate social distancing measures are in place. With this new governmental guideline, we have decided to reopen the gallery from Thursday 18th June 2020.

Our first exhibition since lockdown will be Lisa Berry and Jim Nind. You may have seen them in the gallery before, but since their isolation and lack of interaction with fellow artists, it will be interesting to see what artworks the pair create during their residency at 142!

More details will be announced in due course, including a layout of how the gallery will operate from 18th June 2020.

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Our Website

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A Family View

#SpreadHappiness #HomeLearning



The Seesaw app has kept communication open with Scarlett’s teacher, as well as providing support for the family if they are stuck on a task. Scarlett is able to feel connected with her teacher and class during lockdown which has helped with her well-being.  We love the interaction aspect of it. Particularly that we can make videos and send them to the teacher. We also like how tasks are able to be completed over the app with voice, video and completing the written work without having to worry about too much paper and confusing worksheets. We love getting feedback and my daughter loves messaging her teacher to tell her what she’s been up to. It’s important to engage with Seesaw because it helps with maintaining a routine at home. My daughter’s like to sign in and say hello to their teacher encouraging them to do some activities. It’s a great source of support for the whole family and helps us feel less alone during lockdown especially when we can’t see our own families.  It also takes pressure off me as a mum to be a super teacher as well because quality teaching is still going on with the app. It’s clear the teachers love and deeply care for the students and want them to be ok and happy.  

My part 

Since going into lockdown using Seesaw to communicate with the children has made all the difference to me as a teacher, I can still teach them and see what they are up to. It has been lovely to see all the work that my class has been doing and learn new things about them. So many are great cooks and this week they tried their hand at being PE teachers and made up their own PE lessons to video and share. I have also seen a new confidence in some of the children when they have shared videos and recordings of them completing tasks or reading books. It is lovely to see that with the support of their parents they can still progress and we can still be actively involved in their learning journey. 

Miss Hay, SET Maidstone Infants School

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Art, Music, Books & Theatre

New Skills Learnt in Lockdown

A little thought from the lovely Penny Parker.



Well lockdown has certainly given some of us time at home we hadn’t planned on and if you were like me you dived straight in with gardening, baking, cleaning everything etc. Now I guess it’s almost time to do all that again, except the baking as I’ve eaten way too much cake.

Many I’m sure had plans to learn or do something new, but did we actually do it.

I did dabble in baking cakes, scary thought for the neighbours and the fire brigade I know, as I do manage to burn most things. However they weren’t bad, looked and tasted ok ( except the garlic bread, let’s not mention that!). What wasn’t on my to do list was sewing… I hate sewing, I blame my teacher at high school who shouted at me rather a lot for my lack of skill. I usually leave sewing to my sister unless it can be glued then I’ll do it. But glueing face masks wasn’t an option.

I’d got material, odd I know for someone who doesn’t sew but it was Disney and who doesn’t like a bit of that!

I dredged up my ancient cast iron sewing machine, chuffed I hadn’t dumped it in the clear out. Swept out the cobwebs and spiders and plugged it in, well so good so far. Funny how using a sewing machine is like riding a bike, you never forget. I threaded her up, remembered my teachers screams about keeping your fingers away from the needle and off I went, slowly. It was rather like riding a steam train as it rattled about on the table making so much noise we had to turn the telly up. Never mind the ancient beast churned out almost 100 face masks for people. I lost count of the number of times the cotton snapped or the needle jammed but we made it.

Now she back in her case and back in retirement, not because I’ve stopped sewing but because I’m using a new machine!! It’s only borrowed from Recreate social enterprise who very kindly brought me some fabrics, thread and elastic from their shop but it’s helped me find a love for sewing. This machine is quiet and doesn’t shake the table, it even threads the needle, and the cotton hardly breaks. Masks are now being made so much faster and yes I’m loving it!

I’ve fallen in love with sewing… please end lockdown soon I can’t afford another hobby!!

Written by Penny Parker

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