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Saxophonist Plays for the NHS

Local lady uniquely shows her gratitude to the NHS and other service/care providers.



You might have heard the gorgeous melodies of this local lady who plays the saxophone every Thursday evening in support of the NHS and other care and service providers. She’s a true gem and we managed to catch up with her to find out why she started and what inspired her. Here she is… the wonderful Sandra!

I have been playing sax for about 20 years and am self taught. When talking about where my inspiration comes from, I’ve got to say the sound and feelings the saxophone produces… and it looks beautiful too!

 I just wish I could sing but I found that I can sing through the sax!

Music transcends the physical and is spiritual. It’s a versatile way of connecting with people and expressing emotions and feelings  that some find difficult to say. I am blessed with a positive mental attitude. When we were asked to stay home to save lives I knew the only way that I could help lift spirits was to play instead of clapping. And so it began!

My first tune was on the 2nd April “Angels” inspired by sadness people were experiencing.

On 9th April I played “You’ll Never Walk Alone” as Captain Tom had started his mission.

“A Thousand Years” – my friends parents both have cancer and she was beside herself as she couldn’t see them. I played this tune at her partners funeral a couple of years ago, so I dedicated this to people in her position.

On the 16th April I played “When A Child Is Born” dedicated to the nurse who had a baby then sadly passed leaving her newborn in the loving arms of a grieving family, that deeply moved me.                     

On 23rd April I played “Feel My Love” and “What A Wonderful World” sending a hug and love to all my lovely neighbours  who came out to join the clapping session and to remind us all how wonderful the earth and people are.

On the 30th April I played “Space Oddity” to celebrate the 100 Year Old Birthday of a remarkable man.    “One Step Beyond” was performed as Captain Tom Moore had done just that and so too had all key workers care workers and ALL workers, vets animal rescue… EVERYONE. 

On the 7th May I performed “Perfect Day” and “Love Letters” to send love to family and friends.               

“Strange Little Girl” – I played this in honour of Dave Greenfield of The Stranglers who was taken by Covid-19. I have loved this band since I was a teenager and been to quite a few gigs, this was my tribute to him and ALL Covid-19 victims and their families.

On the 14th May I played “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” as it was requested by two people: one a beautiful lady over the other side of the estate opened her front door to tell me she had been indoors for 8 weeks and she looked forward to my musical posts on Felixstowe Residents Facebook Group. which moved me very much.                

I played “Kiss From A Rose” which was another dedication to my beautiful neighbour who was still working hard and does a little shopping for others, this is her favourite tune. So it goes out to ALL the hard working people who do a little to help their neighbours with THANKS & GRATITUDE.

On the 21st May I played “Fields Of Gold” which was another request. I had to learn this over the week before… the lyrics are beautiful. I also played “Don’t Give Up” to encourage us all to stay in stay safe and save lives.                                                  

We are ALL doing GREAT. I’d like to thanks my daughter and others videoing and posting positive vibrations on social media we can all feel loved, healed and cared for in many different ways. I believe that there is a purpose for everything and everything has a purpose. I have a personal mantra that I share with all who wish to use it. I do this every night and every morning: I put my hand on my heart and say, ” I LOVE MY HEART WITH ALL MY HEART” take a deep breath in and smile. “I am filled with gratitude”.

Best Wishes
San x

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142 Opens in June!



Dear fellow artists and art enthusiasts,

We hope this message finds you well, that your family is safe, and that recent months have been kind to you. We are pleased to announce the gallery will be reopening in June, with social distancing measures in place.

The 142 Team recently had a meeting (at a distance, photographic evidence above!) to discuss future plans for the gallery and spoke of our personal experiences during lockdown. 

Lockdown has allowed us to reflect on our artistic endeavours, connect with nature, to embrace a slower pace, cycle, create music, bake, and binge on boxsets! But jokes aside, we are all very grateful to the hard work, dedication and support from the NHS and all the key workers. Without them, these last few months would have been a lot tougher for us all.

Thank you to everyone who has played their part in social distancing, staying at home, following the government’s advice and staying safe. Together, we can get through this.

Reopening 142

As you will be aware, from mid-June, some retail units are allowed to reopen, as long as appropriate social distancing measures are in place. With this new governmental guideline, we have decided to reopen the gallery from Thursday 18th June 2020.

Our first exhibition since lockdown will be Lisa Berry and Jim Nind. You may have seen them in the gallery before, but since their isolation and lack of interaction with fellow artists, it will be interesting to see what artworks the pair create during their residency at 142!

More details will be announced in due course, including a layout of how the gallery will operate from 18th June 2020.

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New Skills Learnt in Lockdown

A little thought from the lovely Penny Parker.



Well lockdown has certainly given some of us time at home we hadn’t planned on and if you were like me you dived straight in with gardening, baking, cleaning everything etc. Now I guess it’s almost time to do all that again, except the baking as I’ve eaten way too much cake.

Many I’m sure had plans to learn or do something new, but did we actually do it.

I did dabble in baking cakes, scary thought for the neighbours and the fire brigade I know, as I do manage to burn most things. However they weren’t bad, looked and tasted ok ( except the garlic bread, let’s not mention that!). What wasn’t on my to do list was sewing… I hate sewing, I blame my teacher at high school who shouted at me rather a lot for my lack of skill. I usually leave sewing to my sister unless it can be glued then I’ll do it. But glueing face masks wasn’t an option.

I’d got material, odd I know for someone who doesn’t sew but it was Disney and who doesn’t like a bit of that!

I dredged up my ancient cast iron sewing machine, chuffed I hadn’t dumped it in the clear out. Swept out the cobwebs and spiders and plugged it in, well so good so far. Funny how using a sewing machine is like riding a bike, you never forget. I threaded her up, remembered my teachers screams about keeping your fingers away from the needle and off I went, slowly. It was rather like riding a steam train as it rattled about on the table making so much noise we had to turn the telly up. Never mind the ancient beast churned out almost 100 face masks for people. I lost count of the number of times the cotton snapped or the needle jammed but we made it.

Now she back in her case and back in retirement, not because I’ve stopped sewing but because I’m using a new machine!! It’s only borrowed from Recreate social enterprise who very kindly brought me some fabrics, thread and elastic from their shop but it’s helped me find a love for sewing. This machine is quiet and doesn’t shake the table, it even threads the needle, and the cotton hardly breaks. Masks are now being made so much faster and yes I’m loving it!

I’ve fallen in love with sewing… please end lockdown soon I can’t afford another hobby!!

Written by Penny Parker

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Just Jay Dance



Introductions first…

I’ve never really been good at introductions, but thought it would be nice to share a little bit about “me” and what I do! 

My names Jay, originally from Leicester, I moved to Ipswich when I was 17 having left home to start my own business up as a professional singer and dancer. I’ve worked abroad, on ships, holiday parks, schools and worked with charities to celebrities. It’s taken years of grafting (in-between the bar work, shelf stacking and suffering) I finally am fully self employed in my 10th year living off “Just Jay Dance” doing what I love – entertaining. 

Don’t be fooled though – it’s hard work, painful at times! Disheartening. Lonely. Sometimes I wish I’d have been given a different set of skills! But I do what I can and especially in times like “now” I realise how important the entertainment industry is and wouldn’t choose anything else now.

Currently I’m sat dressed as the “Red Power Ranger” in my living room, having recorded 4 birthday messages for kids stuck in lockdown.

“I can’t imagine how hard it much be for some parents trying to make their kids birthday so special! Especially those too young to understand what’s going on!

So if me dressed as a character and wishing them a happy birthday or “to be good” then that’s my afternoon done. Tomorrow I’m reading “The ButterFly Lion” live on Facebook for children before they go to sleep while Monday morning recording 3 dance tutorials for teens to learn!

I had a choice when this “lockdown” happened – sit, moan and be absorbed by the never ending negative news OR try and use the tools I have to entertain my audience online for those needing a boost of happiness. I plan to share some of the things I’ve done for charity, friends and family as well as myself. If I can raise even one smile – my jobs been done. Tough crowd sometimes – but usually the most worth while and rewarding! 

Stay Safe,

Much Love

Jay x

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