Veggie Noodle Lasagna

This is a superb recipe for children to who love to cook, just be sure they’re supervised by a responsible adult.



1lb shredded mozzarella cheese

1lb cottage cheese

1 egg

1/3 cup vegetarian hard cheese

12 lasagna noodles

Spaghetti sauce



Boil the noodles until they’re soft but firm, then lay the noodles out to cool.

Combine the cottage cheese and egg.

Spray a casserole pan with cooking spray, or brush with oil to prevent sticking. Cover the bottom of the dish with a thin layer of spaghetti sauce.

Sprinkle some cheese over the sauce layer, then place a layer of noodles on top. Cover this with another layer of sauce and sprinkle more cheese on top.

Now layer with a combination of equal amounts of mozzarella cheese and cottage cheese.

Repeat these cheesy layers two more times. (You’re starting to get a picture of how cheesy this is right?!)

Now you’ll need to test your tummy’s patience by allowing the veggie noodle lasagna to bake at 350 degrees for about

30 – 40 min. The top layer of cheese should be a beautiful golden brown. You can top with a bit of chopped parsley.

Finally – get ready to tuck in!


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