Update from Local Lass, Sophia Heeroma

What a brave little lass. It’s been nearly ten months since Sophia had her skull operation and we thought it would be lovely to get an update from Lavinia, Sophia’s mum, on the determined young lady’s progress.

Sophia’s skull has healed perfectly with no complications and the shape of her face is looking lovely. The other big news is that despite specialist’s expectations Sophia finally learnt to walk. Ok, she’s still unsteady on her feet but once she is fitted with splints we hope to see a dramatic improvement.

On a lesser note, Sophia unfortunately has also been diagnosed with Global Developmental Delay. Specialists also suspect that Sophia may be on the autism spectrum. However, this won’t hold her back or us as we are determined to carry on like we have before, making every day count.

We have received support from some fantastic people over the last ten months. Sophia regularly attends assessment meetings at The Child Development Centre at Ipswich Hospital. There she meets specialists in communication, play, speech and movement. Their care and support to my husband, Sophia and I has been outstanding.

Sophia now also attends The Bumblebee Children’s Charity in Sproughton. This has been fantastic for her and we have really seen an improvement since attending. This charity focuses on the complete development of a child and is all run by trained volunteers. They really push Sophia to do and be the best she can be, and she thoroughly enjoys going. Without people like these to support us and Sophia, things would have been a lot harder and slower progress for her.

After numerous tests we now understand that Sophia, being nearly three, has the mind of a 6 month old child. This for any parent is extremely hard to hear, but we feel that we are giving her the best chances under the circumstances. The road ahead is going to be hard, not just for Sophia but for my husband and I too. We are going to get through this though, as this is just what parents do. We cannot thank everyone enough for their continued support, from GOSH, Bumblebees & The Child development Centre, we really appreciate all the effort that has been made for us.

And finally, this month I will be doing a charity 25km Thames walk for Great Ormond Street Hospital. If anyone would like to sponsor me for this great cause, please visit www.justgiving.

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