Trash the Dress

The concept of ‘Trash the Dress’ photography was the inspiration of Las Vegas photographer John Michael Cooper in 2008. He wanted to put more ‘cinema into wedding photography’ by placing a bride in an unexpected and unusual location and often ruining the dress for the sake of art.

Some would say that with the vows exchanged the dress will never be needed again, hence opting for an extreme form of after wedding photography. It is seen as a form of artistic expression and one that allows the bride to have an unusual set of pictures for posterity.

Working with Suffolk based photographers here are the three styles available. Girls in their prom dresses may also be included. The first and most elegant type of photography is ‘Cherish the Dress’. Situated in an elegant, vintage or sophisticated environment, the dress does not get ruined at all. The second type is ‘Rock the Frock’. Photographs are more edgy and often the backdrop is natural, urban or industrial.

The idea is that the elegance of the bride in her bridal dress is contrasted with the roughness of the location or unusual accessories are used. Finally, the most extreme form is ‘Trash the Dress’. No limits apply here. The gown can be strewn with paint, water, mud, or sand. The female can be photographed submerged in water or mud, lying on rocks, in fact anything goes for the sake of art.

web Marianne with flowers web CHERISH THE DRESS FROM BUSHFIRE 2013 004

Photos by Studio Bushfire





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  1. reddi-tfm-admin says:

    Brilliant concept. Totally creative… would love to see more of this in Felixstowe.

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