Danielle Ramsey, 33-year-old physiotherapist and fabulous wannabe explorer.


This super lady will be spending one week inside the Arctic Circle in northern Sweden, where she will likely to be exposed to temperatures of -30° whilst mushing a team of husky dogs for around 8 hours per day. Not only will she be spending the nights in a very basic wilderness hut, but she will also have to learn to work the dogs whilst keeping hold of the sled and her own balance, run with the sled through deep snow, uphill, or through the forest to help the dogs get through the hard stuff, and if the dogs or the sled come loose it’s up to Danielle to catch them.


Danielle is undertaking a 200km Husky Dog Challenge 145km north of the Arctic Circle from 21st – 27th February 2015. She is doing this in honour of her amazing sister Abby, who had Down’s Syndrome, and her two friends Natalia and Mandy who sadly were taken from us all far too soon.


Danielle has chosen to support Genesis: Orwell Mencap because she’d like to directly help Abby, Natalia and Mandy’s peers so that she can still support the community they were part of and directly help people with learning and physical disabilities. Genesis provides fantastic activities and services for young people and adults with learning and physical disabilities. Amazingly, Danielle is self-funding this trip so all money raised will go directly to Genesis Orwell Mencap. Every £25 raised means another service usercan attend a session at Genesis

Abby would’ve been 42 on the 23rd of February so to add to all the above, Danielle will also need to keep tight reign on her emotions. It won’t be easy and it’s certainly a challenge! Danielle considers this an adventure of a lifetime and would love to gain the support of the entire community to help her reach her goals. We admire Danielle’s immense bravery, willpower and spirit!

Well done kiddo! If you’d like to support Danielle, please check out her website and twitter page, and go right ahead and donate.

Twitter: = @Arctic4Abby

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