The American Diner – The Mystery Shopper

As I am a naturally curious type I just had to try the American Diner which opened its doors in Felixstowe in December 2016. With my son as my dining companion we made our way into a little piece of vintage America.

The first thing that struck me was the décor. With bright red padded chairs, some booth style seating and extra wide shiny black tables, this establishment could easily be in a scene in the movie ‘Grease.’ The wallpaper is fascinating, with images and symbols we associate with 1950’s America; Route 66 and Cadillacs for example.

Another positive feature is that you can see the chefs prepare your food while you wait, as the kitchen is in front of you, not tucked away at the back of the building.

But what about the quality of the food and dining experience I hear you ask? Well, quite simply there is a welcoming and friendly team of staff who are attentive and upbeat. The service is prompt and the food really tasty.

We decided to ‘build our own burgers’ and have 2 side dishes. My son, who likes to order food he hasn’t had before, was eager to try the red beans with pork as a side dish. He wasn’t disappointed. Our burgers came stacked in a brioche bun with cheese, tomato and rocket; just delicious, and our milkshakes were everything a good milkshake should be.

It is delightful to see another new business in our town and having a ‘themed eatery’ is just great. With a choice from a breakfast menu as well as a main menu, I truly believe most people would be happy dining here.

At a time when there is a newly elected U.S. president, it is perhaps fitting to try a new American dining experience in Felixstowe. Well worth a visit.

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