Response from The Befriending Scheme

Following from our January 2015 issue we were delighted to receive this fab email from Angie at The Befriending Scheme. It was so fab, we thought we’d share it with you…

“Hi! I just wanted to let you know that we had a call this morning from a lovely local lady who had seen our piece in the January magazine and is interested in volunteering! Our 1:1 links co-ordinator is arranging to meet her to discuss further and fingers crossed there will be others too. I have had a read through the edition online and also wanted to say congratulations as the whole thing looks great.

Thank you SO much, even one more volunteer befriender will make a big difference to someone….if it works out, we will take notes and pictures and come back to you with hopefully a follow-up success story for a future edition.

With all my best New Year wishes,


Well done to Angie and the Befriending Scheme team who continue to do an amazing job year in and year out! We look forward to hearing more from the team and if you’re interested in becoming a volunteer befriended, or would like to know more about what that is, then just email Angie at: angie.bentley@thebefriendingscheme.org.uk.

Angie from The Befriending Scheme

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