Snowdonia Trail Half Marathon for the PACE Charity

It’s time for an update on our training for the Snowdonia Trail Half Marathon. We’ve had a lot of fun during the training process this time round as we’ve both had our families with us. My parents have joined us on our hill training up the craggy outline of Malvern Hills and Bal’s family joined us for breakfast at the View Point Cafe after each time we ran through Kirton, Trimleys and finally along Felixstowe seafront.

Those were the highlights, however, we have had a few setbacks. Bal had his pesky Achilles pain again and we both suffered with a bout of cold. To combat it all, Bal ensured he stretched thoroughly before each run, we dosed up on vitamin C and kept on going.

Now it’s the tapering stage of our training and the stage where we start to get a little worried! We need to keep our head in the game now, by keeping the running consistent without putting too much strain on the legs. We’ll keep you updated now right up until we get past  the finish line!

Remember that all of this is for an amazing cause, close to our heart – PACE. To donate to PACE, go to our fundraising page:

PACE is a voluntary organisation promoting the inclusion of young disabled people in sports and leisure activities. Following consultations with young disabled people and their families, PACE saw the need for more inclusive sports and social opportunities for disabled people.

PACE aims to use a wide range of fully inclusive and adapted multi-sport and leisure activities as a means of challenging social exclusion and isolation, experienced by many disabled people when they leave school. The charity also aims to develop skills such as confidence, communication, co-ordination, strength, self-expectation, social-skills, life-skills and experiences to empower our members and give them greater control over their lives.

To find out more about PACE, visit their website:

Thank you for your support!

Suki and Bal.

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