Running for PACE A Charity Promoting the Inclusion of Disabled People in Sport and Leisure

Fellow Birdys are starting their journey to train for a half marathon. It is in aid of a wonderful cause close to the hearts of the Birdy household. Here’s Suki and Bal to tell you about the cause and to give some advice on training for any of you who’d like to run a half marathon.
Spring has arrived which invariably means it’s now time to get the old runners out and lose the winter pounds. Though my husband, Bal, is from Felixstowe, for the last ve years we’ve lived in Melboune, Australia, where we ran a number of 14km, half marathons and the single marathon, it took a while to build up the courage.

So having been back in the UK for a year we’ve already started the repeat trend. In October we ran the Su olk Cross Trail Half Marathon, and in July we are going to attempt the Snowdonia Trail Half Marathon, all in aid of a charity close to our hearts – PACE.

PACE Charitable Trust (PACE) is a voluntary organisation promoting the inclusion of young disabled people in sports and leisure activities, with the aim to develop skills such as con dence, communication, co-ordination, strength, self-expectation, social-skills, life-skills and experiences
to empower their members and give them greater control over their lives. This is more important for us as a family as our cousin has cerebral palsy. Her mother, Krishna Birdy, founded PACE nearly twelve years ago as provision in the community for disabled young people to socialize and mix with their peers was lacking.

That’s the background, so now, how do we start the training process? Our aim is to begin our short runs and then do our longer endurance runs along the beach in Felixstowe, running from Old Felixstowe to the Port. The Port is a great place to end a run, as the View Point Café is a great place to sit, get a cold drink and enjoy the view of the ships and Harwich.You’ll even nd us powering along the country lanes from Felixstowe to Trimley, Kirton and beyond. As you can imagine, a key point about the Snowdonia run is Mount Snowdon. This is where we will hope to use sand running along the Felixstowe Beach to help build the necessary strength to tackle the number of hill climbs.

So a few top tips if you want to start running:
1. Buy proper running shoes, and if possible actually get fitted for them. Bal used to suffer from shin splints due to badly fitted running shoes, and having been fitted for shoes to adjust his pronation had no problems running 20km+ distances.
2. Start slow and steady, don’t be too much of an eager beaver. Start o with 3-5km distances, and take your time. The key is to put the time in versus the distance.
3. Eat healthily; see our great meal in this month’s recipe, and hydrate regularly.
4. Finally, enjoy!
If you’d like to sponsor us please use our Just Giving at: and as we progress with our training we will write another article to give you an update – good or bad!
Suki and Bal.

To donate to PACE just go to:

To find out more about PACE, contact Krishna Birdy, Project Coordinator & Trustee 07930 748 280

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