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We received this letter from one of our readers a few local issues. What are your thoughts?

Firstly let me congratulate Mandeep, the editor of The Felixstowe Magazine on the last two front covers, in my view they were excellent.

Over the past eighty years I have lived on this Earth of ours I have seen many stupid things in the way of money wasting. For those of you that did National Service you may recall they use to whitewash the coke outside of the boiler houses on an AOC’s annual inspection as for the latest waste of money for example; was our council building a car park on Langer Road. To date it only gets used in the summer months and that is on a Sunday (weather permitting) It is never used at all in the winter months so why, I ask myself, did they spend all our tax money on a white Elephant? Your view would be of interest. I would have rather seen the money spent elsewhere like repairing all the potholes in our roads before winter truly hits us.

Over the past 48 hours the Orwell Bridge has been closed through bad weather bring Ipswich almost to a stand-still because of the gridlock. When are they going to give us an alternative road out of and into Felixstowe? Two different people told me today, that they took three and quarter hours to get from J55 to J62 ten miles in total. Even when the bridge is open the traffic in Ipswich is horrendous that is why I for one never go there anymore. Your views on the subject would be of interest.

May I wish all of you a happy New Year?

Brian Blackmore.

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