Origins EP Release

Following on from her inclusion on the Voices of Classical Crossover double album release at Christmas featuring 38 of the worlds top independent artists Forest has recently released her debut EP Origins.

Forest is an emerging new solo artist receiving critical acclaim and who still has fam
ily in Felixstowe but who lives and studies in London. She recently graduated with a BA(Hons)Creative M

usicanship Degree at the BIMM in London and is now starting an MA in Music Business Management an

d Artist Development at the UWL in Ealing.

This debut EP is a reflection upon her early musical influences and roots.

“Origins is all about beginnings. It is an introspective on my earliest musical influences, my roots. It contains a selection of recorded songs which I grew up singing and performing…. This is my point of origin, the place from which I begin.”

Origins has been received to exceptional critical review. Initial production runs were sold out and work has already begun on further releases which will see Forest evolve a blend of Celtic and Nordic Noir influences with tribal back beats and Enya style vocals with a contemporary edge. Recording companies have already expressed an interest in signing her but she is remaining an independent artist whilst continuing her education at University.

Origins is available on all major digital platforms, links as follows..

You can follow and support this exciting emerging local artist at :-

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