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My husband and I went out on a lunch date! It would be easy to take a lunch date for granted, but we never do, particularly when we have a Yeo voucher making our very generous lunch only £5, whoop, whoop!

When we first met we used to go to Cafe Bencotto for dates, but life tends to catch up with you and so I became excited to re-visit our old haunt. My significant other has a fondness for the paella there, which is chock-full of seafood, one of his favourite things. I chose the Salad Niçoise from the specials board advertised outside. When I ordered the salad I was advised that it didn͛t come with tuna, and I wasn͛t sure how that was going to work out.

Actually, it was fantastic!

It had the requisite sliced eggs, the green beans, new potatoes and olives…but what absolutely made it was the anchovies. These anchovies were a revelation, not the salty strips that my husband loves with pineapple on his pizza (I kid you not), but plump, savoury and slightly sweet.

I enjoy the atmosphere at the Bencotto; it feels casual, but still special, bustling but with a waft of Dean Martin in the background. Bencotto gathering place where you will see a familiar, friendly face across the room to wave to, where you would feel as comfortable meeting friends for coffee (with a little something, of course) as you would be having lunch on your own. I discovered that they do ͚little plates͛ and look forward to gathering some of these with my girlfriends who fantasize they are ͚ladies what lunch͛and pick and share a mini Mediterranean feast. I͛m not sure I am willing to share the newly discovered anchovies however, no matter how good friends they are!

by The Mystery Shopper


Cafe Bencotto

128 Hamilton Rd,


IP11 7AB

01394 276745

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  1. reddi-tfm-admin says:

    We love this place!

    Risotto Bencotto anyday 🙂

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