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The Little Fabric Shop

A couple of years ago a friend at work told me about a new fabric shop opening in Felixstowe. It has taken me this long to get there, but I am glad I did.

We got a warm welcome and a quick tour of the shop starting with the bargain bin at the door! There is a good selection of polycotton on one wall and quilting cotton on the other. I love quilting fabric and if I were to admit to a vice this would be it, so to see all the colours and patterns lined up was a joy to behold. The centre of the shop is filled with a lovely collection of fat quarter quilting fabric on a table and I could not resist buying some for my daughter. You will also find a good selection of sewing equipment and a lovely little dog named Queenie stationed behind the counter keeping her favourite person company.

We had a chat to the owner who told us that she started two and a half years ago starting with her own sewn goods and a fabric stockpile and has been building up the business slowly ever since. A testament to independent business – a little bit of resources and a lot of passion and patience! Did I mention the cute babushka and owl buttons?


The Little Fabric Shop

14 Beach Station Road,


IP11 2DR

01394 273854

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