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Tell us your name and what kind of photography/art you do…

My Name is Adam McCallum and I do a mixture of Landscape photography, Flowers and plants photography, nature photography and gaming photography.

How did your photography/art take this direction?

Well when I was around 16 I started going for a lot of walks in the felixstowe and Trimley countryside and I’d often come across a veiw I liked the look of and like anyone I’d just snap a quick photo with my phone. After doing that for a few months I found myself putting more thought into what I was taking a picture of and i just seemed to have a grown a talent for it over time. It was only last year that I really decided to take things with my photography further with making my Facebook and instagram pages because of the positive freedback I was being given from friends and family.

What inspires your photography/art?

I think what inspires me most is the positive feedback I get from the people who love my work, it really gives me motivation to carry on and improve in what I do. That and the rest of the photographers that I follow on facebook and instagram. We’re always phrasing one another for our work and it’s just a great community to be a part of.

Is there anything about Felixstowe that inspires your photography/art?

Something I tell myself and others in photography is there are those who see a Puddle and only think of rain and keep walking and then there are those who see a puddle and can admire the clarity of it’s reflection. Nature is a beautiful thing and because felixstowe is surrounded by countryside there’s always something beautiful to take a picture of and because nature changes throughout the year there will always be something new to take a picture of. One of my favourite places to go is the Trimley Marshland area, the River Orwell always has something to offer.

What project have you been particularly proud of?

I’m proud of all my photos and when I get amazing opportunities such as this I’m filled with such pride and joy I think what I’m mostly proud of is how I’ve kept going and continue to keep trying. My Instagram page has been growing pretty well with over 800 followers at the moment and I know to some that may not sound a lot but to me it’s more than I thought I could ever reach and now I’m here having this amazing opportunity.

Any claims to fame?

Haha well I don’t know anyone famous but my one of my photos was featured on the front cover of Felixstowe Magazine earlier this year and now here I am with another amazing opportunity.

Where can people see your photography/art or meet you?

If you’d like to view my work you can find me on both facebook at Mr Skits Photography and instagram also at Mr_Skits_Photography all the support is greatly appreciated! My Facebook is strictly real life photography and my Instagram is everything I do from real life photography to gaming photography.

Anything else you’d like readers to know?

I don’t want to sound cheesy or anything and I know I’m not one of the greatest examples but for those who have a dream but don’t think they can make it, you won’t know until you try. I didn’t think I’d ever come this far with my photography when I first started but here I am being offered amazing opportunities such as this. Don’t give up in what you want, if you want something chase it.

Contact number: 07468484966 Email: Facebook: Mr Skits Photography Instagram: Mr_Skits_Photography

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