Local Lad, Blake Ainsley

Meet Blake an 8 year old boy who lives in Felixstowe.

At first glance Blake looks like a fit and healthy eight year old boy, but he is actually suffering from a very rare debilitating bone condition. Hereditary multiple exostoses – also known as Diaphyseal aclasis, this a rare medical condition in which multiple bony spurs or lumps -bone tumours develop on a child. Exostoses are typically benign however, in some instances these tumours become malignant and require frequent monitoring. Blake has an extremely severe case of this rare 1 in 50,000 bone condition, and is prescribed oral morphine for his pain relief.

Blake’s younger sibling Ashton aged 5 and Max aged 1 have also been diagnosed with the same illness. Treatment for all three children is ongoing and the only treatment centre is the Royal hospital for sick children in Edinburgh.

Unfortunately for Blake and his family there is no government funding available towards travel and accommodation expenses for the eight hundred mile round trip. Along with the support of Graham Denny the founder at The BASIC Life charity Blake and his family have been able to fundraise to provide funds for travel expenses. Blake is a real inspiration to his friends and family, despite being in constant pain and requiring a wheelchair for long distances he rarely feels sorry for himself and will always try his very best at anything that is asked from him. Academically Blake is very intelligent and spends a lot of time reading and writing. Blake is a role model to both his younger siblings and Blake’s family hope with his strength and determination to succeed both Ashton and Max will also cope as well as Blake does.

If you feel you would like to the help the family please feel free to stop by the Basic life charity shop to donate or visit The Basic Life Charity’s just giving page: https://www.justgiving.com/BlakesAppeal/



Blake with brothers Max and Ashton.

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