Local Artist Sharon Denise Taylor

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With her own micro studio in Felixstowe, Sharon has been spinning since 2003 but creativity started in her childhood when she learned to knit at age of seven years. Sharon has always been making and creating – the creative energy helps to Keep Calm and Carry On! Sharon says that spinning has saved her in so many ways as a tool to combat stress and anxiety and to express myself and her favourite motto is: ‘Let the Yarn tell the Story!’

How long have you lived in Felixstowe and what’s your favourite thing about it?

Twelve years. I love the whole town but the prom and sea is what I love the best!!

What got you into weaving and yarns?

I was a spinner first and weaving was a natural progression to working with unique handspun yarns and being free to create any yarns of any colour and texture of my choice!
What inspires your work?

Colour!!! And the changing seasons!

Tell us about your technique…

I use fleece from local farmers smallholders and specialize in spinning Wensleydale fleece into luxury yarns, using special spinning techniques. All my fleeces are straight off the sheep’s back which I then wash clean, dye and then finally spin.I sell dyed tops and batts (types of fibre) to other spinners and specialise in dyeing luxury mill spun yarns. I’m also a saori weaver (a Japanese style of weaving). I create my hand spun yarns into luxury shawls and felting fleece into art clothing, from felted boas, to one of a kind art wear!

Have you got any upcoming exhibitions we can attend?

I will be holding an open day at my studio at end of November but I exhibit and sell at all the big wool shows around the UK.

Any projects your especially proud of?

Yes my turquoise dye felted Wensleydale boas which is for sale on my website.

Any claims to fame?

I’ve met the queen!!!! When I was seven years old! But I͛m about to have my artwork published in USA.

How do we get hold of you?

You can visit my website: www.taylormadeyarns.com.


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