Josh Locke & His Lockerbillies

Apart from being a very talented singer, musician and a massive Marvel fan, there is so much more to this local fella; he is fun, sociable, intelligent, courteous and rather philosophical. Here’s a bit about this local star…

Raised in Trimley, Josh attended Trimley St Mary School followed by Orwell High School where he played the clarinet, saxophone, the cornet and later, developed an interest in the guitar and double bass. It was his English and form teacher, Mike Meadows, who was not only one of the most influencial people in Josh’s career, but also someone Josh performed with.

After higher education at Middlesex University, Josh spent time working on cruise ships between Newcastle and Amsterdam, where he would perform in a band. This is where it all began!

Josh began to gain popularity and fame by performing solo and with his band, J.S. & The Lockerbillies. Along with other band members, Murray Collins, James Hicks, Rich Webb and Harry Green they perform mainly Rockabilly music and also some soul. Josh and the band hope to play with an African drummer at some gigs, to experience a slightly different  style of playing.

The band members are massively prolific in playing many types of instruments, which gives J.S. & The Lockerbillies an incredibly unique edge to them.

Whilst they predominantly perform around Suffolk, the band have also played at The Colchester Arts Centre and at Royal Ascot.

The big news for J.S. & The Lockerbillies, is that this year they will be performing at Glastonbury!

When Josh is not performing he spends his time teaching guitar, bass, singing or musical theory to students aged between six and seventy years old. He also writes music and has written an album called ‘Lazy Eye Satellite’ with Murray and his friend Ashley Paul.

If you’re thinking of having live music at an event, Josh and his band are highly recommended. They are simply talent personified and when those tunes start jamming, your feet, hips and arms will want to too!

Well done lads! We love ya!

To contact Josh, here’s a few details for you:



twitter: @Lockerbillies

facebook: J.S & The Lockbillies

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  1. You rock Josh! As do the Lockerbillies 🙂

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