Improve your hearing: Change your life!

By Karen Finch, Managing Director and Audiologist at The Hearing Care Centre Ltd

Did you know that tackling your hearing loss can change your life?   It’s no grand boast: we hear these words all the time from patients who enjoy the benefits hearing aids bring.

They tells us of the joy of again hearing all the sounds that make up everyday life, birds singing, raindrops on the windowpane and leaves rustling in the breeze.

Gone is the embarrassment of constantly having to ask people to repeat what they said, and the red-faced moments when they thought they did hear, but in fact, mis-heard.

And they say they can once more enjoy the TV or listen to radio or music because their partners stop complaining that the volume is far too loud.

But most of all, they lose the sense of isolation they had felt because they weren’t able to communicate with family and friends.   They no longer avoid social gatherings because they don’t have to struggle to hear, and take part in, conversations because of the background noise.

The first step in enjoying all these benefits is to make an appointment have a hearing test and discuss the dozens of options that are available to you to help with your hearing loss.

Our range of hearing instruments is wide and our audiologists are highly trained to help you make the right choice to suit your hearing needs, lifestyle and pocket.

But most important of all, once your new hearing aids are programmed for you and fitted, you can try them out for a while with a refund if you don’t agree that they HAVE changed your life.

Free hearing assessments in Felixstowe

This month my team and I are encouraging anyone struggling with their hearing to come for a free hearing assessment in a relaxed atmosphere, have a coffee with us and simply see what help there is available. Join us at our Felixstowe clinic (Grove Medical Centre) on either Monday 14th or Tuesday 15th August (9am-5pm) and save yourself having to pay our normal consultation fee of £20. Appointments are essential and can be booked by calling 01473 230330.

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