BASIC Life Charity Update – January 2015

Firstly we’d like to wish everybody a Happy New Year!

We often find that the start of a New Year is a time of reflection on what has happened in the previous year and some anticipation of what the year ahead might hold. The people of Felixstowe had some wonderful times during 2014 and the town seemed to come alive when we enjoyed the usual annual events and one or two new ones. A lot also happened with your home charity during 2014 too – we were delighted to add Steph Tortice to our full time staff and we were also so pleased to witness the growth in our food bank which now receives supplies from a wide range of sources in the town and beyond.

Thank you to all who contribute! We have been able to pass the food on to those in our community who are in need and we know that your donations have made a massive difference to the lives of others. 2014 was also a year when BASIC were able to enable the promotion of assistance to 8 year old Felixstowe resident Blake and his siblings, by hosting a just giving page for the family. Blake’s amazing family and friends held numerous fund raising events to add funds. At the end of the year the total raised was just under four thousand pounds. In addition we have been able to provide support to many local residents with financial or material assistance. One of the benefits of being a local charity run by local people is that we can make almost immediate decisions when assisting in emergencies and we know how important this is to those who receive the aid. We have also been pleased to continue breakfast provision for local school children and we hope this idea will grow and that other schools in the area will become involved.

Looking to the New Year we have taken the step of adding an additional premises to the two shops we run in Felixstowe and Walton. Our new unit, which will be fully operational during January, will be used for the sorting and distribution of items donated to the shops. This will give us the opportunity to supply a more focussed stock for sale. This is an exciting development for us and we look forward to being able to grow and therefore be able to assist even more local people. Finally may we say thank you to all who have supported us during the last year – whether with the generous donation of goods, financial support, donations of food products or simple words of encouragement.

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