Fairtrade Fun Fiesta

Jenny Brabazon from Felixstowe Fairtrade Forum writes about one of the highlights of this year’s Fairtrade Fortnight.

Do bananas float in water? Yes they do. Do bananas grow on trees? No they are a plant, classed as a herb. These were just two of the questions in a quiz with an audience of 25 performed by pupils from Trimley St Mary primary school as part of a fabulous fairtrade fun fiesta. The event for primary school children was organised as part of this year’s Fairtrade Fortnight in the town by representatives of the Town Council’s Youth Forum.

The event was masterminded by an organising committee of six: Elaine Southgate, 11 and Grace Wells, 10, both from Trimley St Mary school and Kayleigh Hammett, 11, Kai Hoang, 11, Connor Gardner, 11 and Erika Lempek, 11 from Grange school. They were supported by Corinne Stockdale, Office Assistant from Grange and Kate Bennett, Class Teacher and Learning Outside the Classroom Subject Coordinator. The event was attended by the Mayor, Councillor Jan Garfield and husband Councillor Jon Garfield as well as the Town Council’s Councillor Doreen Savage, responsible for youth involvement and herself a former Mayor.

Pupils from Grange also put on a play from the Fairtrade Foundation which showed people having breakfast before and after going a journey of discovery about fairtrade. The play was very informative and demonstrated how fairtrade helps sustainability in farming, for example by allowing farmers to avoid cheap fertilisers which damage the soil.

Attendees were also able to play various games including a computer game to click as fast as you could on fairtrade products moving across the screen, a board game, Breaks and Ladders, a Roll the Coins game where your coin landed on fairtrade packets with differing amounts of points and a Treasure Hunt where six packets were hidden around the room and you had to discover their country of origin. Prizes of stickers and chocolate were given to the successful participants. There was also a fascinating display by Trimley St Mary of a Day in the Life of a pupil at Trimley (11 examples were given) compared with a pupil in Kibera, Nairobi.

Doreen Savage also gave out certificates for the winners and runners up in a fairtrade poster competition won by Maisie Culver. The runners up were Bradley Minter, Jasmine Crisp and Lucas Downes. Mayor Jan Garfield also gave out certificates to the six organisers from Trimley and Grange.

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