Don’t Forget Those Feet!

At this time of year it is all too easy to tuck our feet away in those colourful festive socks and pull on those comfy brogues, boots or wellingtons. Our feet are in constant use and subjected to repetitive strains which can often impact on their health.

Friction and pressure can result in roughened skin, callus and corns therefore it is important to keep our feet in top condition by following a few simple steps.

  • Wash feet daily in warm water using a mild soap.
  • If skin is dry a few drops of olive oil or essential oil such as peppermint or lavender can be added to the water to provide a relaxing foot soak and hydrate the skin.
  • Avoid hot water.
  • Avoid soaking for longer than 10 minutes.
  • Pat feet dry remembering to dry between the toes.
  • A foot file gently applied to heels can remove flaky or hardened skin.
  • Cut nails straight across – gently file corners with emery board if necessary.
  • Moisturise daily, immediately after bathing,with a formulated foot cream – one containing urea offers most benefit.
  • Avoid creaming between toes.
  • Change socks or stockings daily.
  • Check footwear for damage before wearing-this includes shoes, stockings and socks.
  • If you have difficulty caring for your feet seek help.

From March Foot Station will be offering Nail Reconstruction to the list of treatments. This is a fabulous treatment that can change a clients perspective regarding their feet and reduce anxieties concerning showing off their feet with warmer weather fast approaching. The treatment is suitable for nails that are minimal due to trauma, partially removed nails following ingrown nail surgery, chipped, cracked or thickened nails. Even fungal nails can be reconstructed allowing for topical nail treatments to remain ongoing. Using a gel cured by UV light nail reconstuction can be performed in as little as 20 minutes dependant on the number of nails affected. The result following treatment is a bespoke healthy looking nail and lasts approximately 6-8 weeks. Ideal for that special occasion or holiday.

To find out more contact Sue at Foot Station on 07707 651398 or


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