Jim and Pete’s Kit Car

Two Felixstowe lads excitedly tell us all about their new kit car they’ve built from scratch… (sigh)… boys and their toy!

Having always had the dream to build their own kit car, local lads Jim and Pete decided to join forces and make it happen! Here’s what they have to say… “Pairing up Pete’s knowledge of mechanics and our mutual love of fast cars, this was truly an amazing opportunity to work together on this project! Wayne (down at Langer Park Service Station) was really amazing at allowing us to use the facilities to get the car ready for its road safety tests. Both of us have our families to look after and work so it took just under 2 years from start to finish… that’s all weekends and evenings. I think our favourite thing about building our kit car is The Grin Factor… you can’t help but smile! We are well and truly boys when it comes to driving this car! It’s a proper boy’s toy and it handles very, very well. We’d definitely build another kit at some point in the future. Mills Extreme Vehicles (MEV) were the company we used.

They give details of the car and how to build it. So long as you’ve got the space and some mechanical knowledge, anyone can do this.”If anyone is thinking about buying a kit, Jim would be happy to talk to you about it. Just get in touch with The Felixstowe Magazine.

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