BASIC Life Charity – May Update

For some time now we’ve been searching for a new major project to undertake.
We’ve already assisted most of the care support groups and organisations in the town and also provided assistance to a large number of individuals in need.
So, the challenge has been to find a service we can provide which will benefit a lot of people, be sustainable for the long term and will fill a gap in our community.
After a lot of thought and deliberation we came up with a Parish Nurse for Felixstowe – employed by BASIC!
We have been long time admirers and supporters of the wonderful work done by Walton Parish Nursing and have watched them grow to their current status of having three nurses and providing an indispensable service to Walton residents.
They receive referrals for low-level medical care from GP’s and hospitals and adopt a Christian approach to their work with an interest in the ‘whole person’ and not just helping with their medical condition. Their work is, however, restricted to Walton residents.
We would hope to provide a similar service to the people of Felixstowe and, while we won’t be able to cover the entire town with one nurse, if could be the starting point and we shall at least be able to deal with the more vulnerable residents.
So – what does this involve?
Well we’ve had all sorts of meetings, research and assessments and we know that we will need to raise in the region of £20,000 to make the project a living, breathing reality.
We will also need a team of volunteers who would be willing to help with any practical requests made via the nurse’s visits – such as collecting shopping etc.
We are working in partnership with members of St.John’s Church and hope to build a day to day management team from members of their congregation and the wider community.
Today will be the start of our fund raising campaign – we shall receive donations at both of our shops and via our Just Giving page at
We do hope you will feel inspired to help us with raising funds.
As times change in our society and with an aging population, we feel that having our own committed nurse in the town will provide a great asset for many people over time – maybe even you one day!
Thank you and have a great May!

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