BASIC Life Charity Update – Feb 2015

We are now entering our 16th year as a registered charity having celebrated our 15th anniversary on 20th January 2014.

Maybe this is a time to look back at the events and people who have been involved and helped us along the way.

Our first shop opened all those years ago in the former dry-cleaners next to Morrison͛s (formerly Safeway). Angela was our shop manager and we were delighted that the shop took off with lots of donations from the Cavendish Park community. After being forced to move we took on another shop at 20 Orwell Road and then moved again to our present premises next door but one to Argos in Hamilton Road.

Our Walton shop, opposite The Half Moon, opened in 2011. Over the years we͛ve had tremendous support from some wonderful volunteer͛s including Sylvia, Mandy, Ingrid, Hazel, Sarah, Christine, Barbara, Sally, Lynn, Jan, Rachel, Steve, Michael, Dexter, Steph, Janet, Lucy, Becci, Debbie, Pat, Dee, Joyce, Claire, Heather & Gwen and many, many more people who have given up their time to support the community.

While we have been able to make a lot of donations over the years to assist groups and individuals we feel that maybe our biggest contribution has been to promote a real sense of community.

So, whether we have been enabling local groups to do things they couldn͛t otherwise, supporting schools and local children or providing food for those in the most need, we hope that the lives of people have been enhanced over the years. Of course the most thanks goes to our wonderful customers and those who donate the most amazing items to us! We are constantly astounded by the generosity of the people of Felixstowe, Walton and the Trimley villages.

As we move on further into 2015 we are taking on new projects and shall make use of our new depot to enable us to provide more focussed stock to both our shops. So –THANK YOU to everybody who has brought us this far – whether volunteer͛s, customers or those who donate.

‘We can’t do everything– but maybe together we can do all that needs doing’.

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