Baby Pit Stop – The Local App for Parents

Purple Goat Development have, as their recent brain child, the Baby Pit Stop app, which is currently available on the Google Play Store, and soon the Apple Store.

Baby Pit Stop was born out of a request from a recent mother local to the area, who always found that baby changing facilities varied in their quality. The key for her was to be able to locate nearby changing facilities that were clean and safe, and not in just Felixstowe but the wider Suffolk region and beyond. The team at Purple Goat Development took on board on the challenge and Baby Pit Stop was created.
In the spirit of community nature of the Felixstowe Magazine, Baby Pit Stop relies on members to register facilities, comment and rate them. From the image below you can see we already have a number of locations identified in Felixstowe, but the team would really like our readers to register and upload more.
As part of adding a new facility you’ll be able to upload a photo, add the address and provide some basic information. What’s great is that the app is tied into Google Maps, so once the location has been added anyone will be able to use the app to find the new location and instantaneously be provided directions to its location.
The initial data set supports the UK, US, Canada, Australia and some parts of Europe, though the team do acknowledge they haven’t captured all sites and this is where you can help. The app is completely free to users, with the plan to add new features based on the feedback received. Examples of future updates include tracking locations that have play facilities.
The team has also been working with supermarkets, major retailers and government groups to add locations periodically. Recently they added all the Sainsbury’s and Asda locations through the UK and Australian public changing facilities, with more being added periodically. This commitment to maintaining an update database of locations is what sets this project apart, and I think you’ll find that they are one of the few apps on the market that includes locations for the UK and other geographical regions.
The app is available immediately on the android store, so go ahead and download it. Join the community, comment and rate locations and if you’re feeling adventurous, upload a few new ones too.

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