BASIC Life Charity Pop-Up Shop

The BASIC Life Charity working together with St John’s Church with St.Edmund’s started a brand new initiative in the town this week.
They started a weekly ‘Community Pop-Up Shop’ at St Edmund’s church in Langer Road (next to Langer School).

Available to ‘buy’ were tinned goods, cereal, toiletries and many fresh products as donated by local businesses. BASIC also supplied clothing including coats at just £1 each.

BASIC Founder, Graham Denny explained:
“The idea we had was that people could buy a carrier bag for £1, with a maximum of two per customer and then simply fill them up with whatever they wanted.”

The shop was formally opened by Langer School Head Teacher Liz Bartholomew who was enthusiastic about the new community opportunity. The first day proved to be very successful with a lot of people attending and taking advantage of the pop-up despite the rain.

The shop will be held every Tuesday between 11am and 1pm and all proceeds will be used to purchase new fresh products each week. Hot drinks and cake is also available for free or with a ‘donation as you feel’.

The first customer, Penny Parker shared her sentiments on social media:-
“Well I have to say Basic Life Charity have done it again! Amazing idea, amazing people. If you missed today’s first pop up shop at St Edmunds church ( next door to Langer school) then I’d recommend you go next week. It’s open from 11 till 1. Seriously there is NO catch. You buy a bag for £1 ( maximum 2 bags per person) and you fill it with food and toiletries that you will use. It open to everyone, yes even you! Today’s goods included breakfast cereals, tins of everything, jars of sauces, ketchup, biscuits, sweets, Pringles, cake mixes, water, fresh vegetables, bread and cakes from the bakery.
I repeat NO CATCH, you don’t sign up to anything, no religion shoved at you, no more money spent.
You can even have a cup of tea and a cake. If you want to donate more money feel free but that’s your choice. If you didn’t go today then give it a look next week.”

Graham says ‘We really want to create community at St.Edmunds and also put a stop to food waste in our town. I’ve approached all the major supermarkets with limited success. We do hope they will offer their food waste to us and join the companies who already have caught the vision’.

The Felixstowe businesses who have supported the scheme are:-
Anchor Bakery
The Felixstowe Bakery
The East of England Co-operative Society
Pier Marketing
The Felixstowe Magazine

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